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Air Conditioning Repair in Miami, FL

You deserve to be comfortable in your home own. Don’t suffer the heat because of a broken air conditioner. If you find your AC isn’t working as well as it used to and the heat is building up in your home or if your AC has stopped working altogether, call on the experts at Central Air Repair to make things right and comfortable for you. We offer the most dependable air conditioning repair service in the Miami area with outstanding customer service. When you chose Central Air Repair, you become a part of our family and we remain dedicated to providing you with affordable solutions for all your AC needs so your home can be more even more loveable.

At Central Air Repair, we pride ourselves on doing the best job we possibly can. We make a point of showing up on time and we offer emergency service, ensuring you are always covered, no matter how busy your schedule is. Central Air Repair will also make sure you are 100% satisfied or we won’t be happy. Our Exceptional Service Guarantee states we won’t leave until you’re happy. When you chose Central Air Repair, you can also expect honest, upfront pricing along with our guarantee that every one of our technicians that enters your home has been drug tested and gone through a full background check.

Dependable Miami Air Conditioning Repair Service

We are only a phone call away if your AC isn’t working right or stops working altogether. There’s no need to panic, just book an appointment for AC repair if you find your home is heating up or you have no cool air at all. Our trained experts will show up quickly to take control of the situation. Call for air conditioner repair if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Elevated humidity levels in your home
  • Certain rooms warmer than others even though the system is running and vents are open
  • Moisture or leaking around the AC unit
  • Higher cooling bills
  • Unusual noises or odors coming from your air conditioner
  • Lukewarm air coming from your vents

Why Lukewarm Air Is Circulating in Your Home

If there is warm air coming from your vents but your AC unit appears to be working, you may have an issue with your evaporator coil or the refrigerant used in your AC system. Central Air Repair’s trained experts can come in and inspect your AC system and determine and provide the needed services to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t have to struggle to sleep in the heat, so call Central Air Repair when calling for professional attention is a must.

Some other reasons you may not be getting cool air include:
  • Heat gains from the windows in the house
  • Poor insulation
  • Losing cool air through leaky ductwork
  • An issue with your thermostat
  • Debris surrounding your AC unit

If your system can’t be fixed, we are proud to also offer air conditioning installation and replacement, so you won’t have to be uncomfortable for long.

Risks of a Dirty Air Filter

The air filter in your AC unit is one of the most basic parts of the system and it’s important to change it regularly to prevent it from getting clogged and dirty. If your AC filter is dirty, it can affect the air quality in your home and put stress on your system, causing it to work harder than it should which will only serve to decrease efficiency and lower its lifespan. When you call Central Air Repair for an AC tune-up, we make a point of checking the filter and letting you know how often it should be changed for optimal performance.

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