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AC system residential installation in Miami

The truth of the matter is, open windows and ceiling fans may help, but they are not enough to keep you cool on the hottest days of summer. If you need to upgrade your existing setup or you want to add AC to your home for the very first time, Central Air Repair is your one-stop shop for expert air conditioning installations and repairs. Our first step will be helping you decide which cooling system is going to meet your needs most effectively.

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Whole Home Air Cleaners

Whole Home Air Cleaners

For those who suffer from asthma, allergies or other breathing difficulties, a whole home air cleaner can help. Whole home air cleaners are incorporated into an HVAC system and they reduce the number of pollutants entering the air circulating in your home. Basic air filters will not remove a large portion of the airborne particles found in your indoor air supply. That’s why at Central Air Repair, we proudly offer whole home air cleaner that provide you with a greater level of protection in your home. These more advanced filters are installed directly into the same tracks where the normal filters would usually go.

The air cleaners work to polarize the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. When they pass through your HVAC system, VOCs become attracted to other polarized particles and become even larger. As a result, these large particles are unable to pass through the filters and they are caught by a polarized pad with a charcoal center screen.

Experienced Cooling Repair Experts Located in Miami, FL

Central Air Repair put you and your home first. When you want a cooling service team that can offer friendly, reliable service that focuses on keeping you cool and stress-free, Central Air Repair is the only HVAC and A/C Service company you need to know in Miami!

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Linear Diffusers

Trust our team of expert

Whether you need a replacement air conditioner, a quick repair, or you want to extend the life of your unit with our affordable preventive maintenance plans, the team at Central Air Repair has the expertise to provide the quality services you need. We’ll help you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest Florida day!

Our Company History

Since 1975, Central Air Repair has been proud to provide superior air conditioning services. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction on every single job. Our determination to provide the best service has earned us our reputation as a trusted choice for air conditioning and air quality services. Why Central Air Repair? Because we care!

A/C Repair Miami services

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Central Air Repair provides financing on residential installs, repairs and service.

The right system for you and your budget

Your AC system’s only job is to maintaining a cool climate in your home. It’s important to ensure your AC/HVAC system is an energy-efficient process that reduces your energy bills in the long term. For instance, geothermal pumps are more efficient than air-source pumps and they require little maintenance, are quieter, and don’t rely on the temperature of outside air. Choosing a new AC system is not a one-size-fits-all type of purchase. There are various factors to consider when choosing a new air conditioner that will give you the best value for money.

AC system installation in Miami

Our Monthly Deals!

We have over 45 years of experience to help you tackle any residential or commercial HVAC concerns.

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Deal

$29 Duct Cleaning
Per Vent (3 Vents Minimum)

Expire on: November 05, 2022

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

1 Free Microfog Disinfectant

Free Microfog Disinfectant with Maintenance Service

Free Microfog Disinfectant
with Maintenance Service

Expire on: November 05, 2022

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

1 Free UV Light

Free UV Light with a New Unit Installation

Free UV Light with
a New Unit Installation

Expire on: November 05, 2022

Cannot be combined with any other offer.


What Our Clients Say

Eric Alvarez
Eric Alvarez
Highly recommended, excellent service and communication. Company stands behind their work which gives me tremendous peace of mind.
Grit Miami
Grit Miami
This small, local business knows exactly what it means to put the customer first. We had them install an office AC Unit and now use them for the maintenance to our 5 AC units for our business. They did great work, were professional and accommodate any of our requests. All the employees that we have dealt with are extremely nice and explain everything to us in a way that we understand exactly what is needed and being performed. We appreciate the relationship and work performed by Central Air Repair.
Gabriella Joa Sanchez
Gabriella Joa Sanchez
Great to work with a professional air conditioning company that thinks of functionality and interior design. Central Air Repair installed a new air conditioner in my home and new linear diffusers that came out beautiful! 10/10 recommend
Alex Lastra
Alex Lastra
Working with Joe was a great pleasure. We were thrilled with the final product and the quality of work. Central Air Repair is the best AC Company in all of South Florida. You get honest, transparent, and timely communication form them. I cannot recommend this company enough.
Alan Altman
Alan Altman
Been doing business with Joe and Marie for 11 years now......top professionals !!!
Rene Perez
Rene Perez
Technician Mike did a wonderful Job!
Juan Rodriquez
Juan Rodriquez
Awesome company and even better individuals.


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